Flavors of Varanasi

Flavors of Varanasi Tour

(Time duration-3:00 hours approximately). The timings can be customized as per requirement.

Experience the city while walking with all your senses and soak up the colors, sounds, sights, aromas and taste. Banaras offers you the best of history coupled with the best in cuisine as well. The streets have a wide range of eateries all offering delectably scrumptious food that is sure to suit every traveler’s appetite. You can indulge in some great street food items like- Kachori & Jalebi, Banarsi Chat, Mallaiyo, Banarsi Pan and Lassi, etc. served in any of the major bazaars and streets of old Banaras.

The charges are inclusive of all the food and beverage cost during the tour:

Rs. 2500 per person (1PAX)
Rs. 2000 per person (1-2 PAX)
Rs. 1600 per person (3-4 PAX)
Rs. 1400 per person (5-6 PAX)

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