Special Varanasi Tour

Special Varanasi tour is a collection of unique places in Varanasi. We have identified a few unique places and are offering their visit in a tour program (Time duration-3:00 hours approximately).

  • Akhadas-the traditional place of wrestling.
  • The Bull shop, where a bull comes everyday & sits inside the garment shop in front of an idol of Lord Shiva.
  • Road side dental clinic.
  • Meeting with LaliBaba- Graduate by qualification, this man renounced his family 30 years back and lives the life of an ascetic.
  • Kashi labh mukti bhawan-a hospice where people come to die.
  • Sant Ravidas temple- a 15th century spiritual leader & social reformer.

Rs. 2400 per person (1 PAX)
Rs. 2000 per person (2-3 PAX)
Rs. 1600 per person (4-5 PAX)
Rs. 1400 per person (6 and above)



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