Weavers District Tour

Walk through the weavers district of Varanasi and learn about the life of the weavers and the process of hand weaving of the famous silk brocades and Banarasi sari. You will visit few private residences of the weavers and get an opportunity to interact with them directly.

Banaras’s handloom weaving traditions have found mention in Vedic and Buddhist literature. The transition from cotton to silk occurred around the 14th century, with Persian inspired motifs, such as the paisley, jhallar and the namavali becoming staples in the weaves.

Ever since, Banaras has become renowned as a specialist silk weaving centre, using gold and silver threads to create its unique warp and weft. One of the most sought after luxuries, its lush saris have been desired by several generations. Today, the city’s weaving tradition is being threatened by counterfeit fabric, Chinese silks, modern power looms and changing fashion preferences..

Duration 1:30 to 02:30 hours approx)

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