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Booking & Cancellation Policy

Guests are required to pay 50% of the tour amount at the time of booking and the remaining 50% amount, 1 week before the beginning of the tour.
We are very fair with refunds and should you have to cancel your trip we would refund,
After the payment for the tour is made, the Guest  is entitled to cancel the tour with a full refund of the fees (less 15% consultation fee) provided that notice of such cancellation is sent to the Company at least 15 days prior to the tour or as otherwise specified in writing. In the event of a late cancellation (later than 15 days and before 7 days of the tour), only 50% of the booking fee shall be refunded. If the tour is canceled less than 7 days before the scheduled date, we regret that it is not possible to refund any of the fees paid for the tour.

  • If a Guest/Group is unable to attend a tour (without prior cancellation) for any reason, we regret that it is not possible to refund any of the fees paid for the tour.
  • However, if the guest/group has to cancel a tour due to a reason beyond their control (like train delays), they should write to us and we will try to see what best can be done.
  • Hotel amounts as per individual hotel cancellation policies. i.e. If a hotel refunds us the full or part payment we would refund that amount to you.
  • Flight refunds would be as per airline policies. After deducting the airline's cancellation fees we would refund the balance amount.
  • Railway cancellation would be the same i.e. only charge you the railway cancellation fees.
  • Car rentals would be refunded as per the cancellation policy mentioned above.
  • We do not refund any of the Experience Varanasi consultation fees (15% of the tour amount).

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